No End In Sight, 2008

Bicycle, Bicycle home trainer, Live video feed, Computer hardware and software, video projector

In No End In Sight, a bicycle stands alone mounted on a stationary home-trainer to be ridden by the participating viewer.  The bicycle faces a projected video image of the artist front-on, stationary and pedalling on the same bicycle, mounted on the same trainer, in the same fashion.
When the viewer mounts the bicycle and begins to pedal, the image of the artist starts to fade and the appearance of another begins to materialise, taking its place.  The new image, a live feed of the participating viewer, is obtained from a concealed video camera at a slightly obscure angle, behind the viewer.
For a moment, two riders appear in unison and the viewer is uncertain of what they are seeing, until the image fully materialises and they recognise it to be their own.