Invested Objects, 2009

Plywood, Nuts and Bolts, Pine, Coloured Paper laminated onto Plywood

Installation comprised of five components: Large Object, One Against Another I & II, One Against Another In Colour I & II
Invested Objects involves a large plywood construction suspended from the ceiling of the gallery. Its appearance is complete in the sense of being finished and displayed, although in existing only as framework there is a sense of abandonment and perhaps futility. The vacant centre and lack of any cladding on the large frame suggest a greater absence.
Four framed diagrammatic pictures relate to its construction and projected possibilities. The pictures work both in opposition and cooperation with the frame, documenting it in the form of a plan, similar to plans used for building objects such as boats, planes and buildings. At the same time they give a suggestion of what it may have been with cladding, while the works in colour operate in the same sense but operate on a painterly, abstract plane.